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Who We Are

Smart zone is a leading company specialized in the production of software design, through Smart zone owns a working model helps develop the capacity of organizations to achieve high performance of the harmonious society and unique technical and management through a professional team.

We work with a wide range of clients in all areas we have agents and branches in Egypt and the Middle east and the Arab Gulf... The force of the operation stemmed from the alliances based on one headed toward one vision; therefore, the company seeks to engage in all kinds of forms of professional contracts with all the relationship of agents and franchises, privileges and nearby corporations and other business representatives.

Working within the smart zone are real capital company, partner and their future partners through the provision of marketing research and strategies and study the feasibility of taking the customer, however, to achieve its objectives.


The development of systems to provide the best technological solutions to improve the working environment and make them more in line with the development of the technical revolution, and be in accordance with the highest international standards.


We aim to build a specialized trademark in the field of software and technical solutions for development of the organizations in a professional manner


We cooperate to create credibility between us and our partners, by using the tremendous technological development and infotainment with the creativity that makes our customers always proud of our partnership.


How We Work

We have a professional team working together on one goal, building a specialized trademark in the field of software and technical solution with the latest technology methods

Our clients